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From the portable app of VSCO to the comprehensive Snapseed, these best photo editor apk for Android will help you to become a master in photography. 

In this 4.0 era, the world has witnessed the great arrival of modern devices. Besides laptops and tablets, smartphones are ranked as the most influential gadgets. These outstanding cellphones could replace all the other electronics you've ever loved.  
Since the HTC Dream, the world's first Android smartphone launched in 2007, the world has seen a dramatic change in the industry. The golden age of the mp3 players has gradually faded. The demand for compact cameras has fallen sharply. 

 Today's Android smartphones have extremely powerful entertainment capabilities. 

   One of their most prominent features is the ability to capture very high-quality images. There are several sites that you can download apks for free that support photo editing. 

  Even the selfie photography feature has been developed by many brands. Image quality on smartphones is far ahead of compact cameras. However, to optimize your photos you need powerful photo editing applications.

 These free APK apps for android below will turn you into a professional photographer. They can not only improve the quality of photos but also turn them into true works of art just by a single apk file.

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Best Photo Editing Apps



 VSCO or VSCO Cam is an extremely popular photo editing application in the world. Every day there are millions of photographers who download apks to edit their images.

Not only does it support shooting with lots of customizations that the default camera does not have yet, but it also has a lot of innovative image editing tools. 

 Elements such as exposure, temperature, contrast, crop, rotate, blur, classic effects and many more options will help the user to create perfect framing. Users should be flexible in combining these features to create satisfactory filters.



For users who prefer the convenience, VSCO has a wide range of filters with different emotions.

To start using the application, you can register as a free member of VSCO or register a paid program to use exclusive filters.

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 Photoshop Express

  Photoshop Express is a well-known photo editor from the great Adobe. Since its first release in 1988, Adobe Photoshop on PC is an indispensable tool for any photographer.


Recognizing the raising need to use mobile devices to handle photo-editing tasks, Adobe released the Photoshop Express app back in November 2017.


 At the time of this APK file’s launch, Photoshop Express quickly attracted the attention of users. Just like the Photoshop version for computers, Photoshop Express is still equipped with a lot of tools for creative users to make every photo more perfect.


 Useful tools that have been put on the mobile platform include red-eye removal or unwanted object removal. The basic image editing tools remain the same as on the desktop.


  Another interesting feature is that Photoshop Express allows users to link to their Adobe Cloud account. So, you can continue unfinished work on your computer using mobile devices such as phones or computers.


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Photo Editor by Aviary


This photo editing software is extremely comprehensive. Photo Editor by Aviary is capable of meeting all needs from basic to professional tasks.


 Like all other mobile photo editing APK for Android, this application provides users with a large number of filters. Once you have selected the filter you like, you can customize the filter's strength through the scale tool.

 You can also enhance your photo yourself through the tools available. Tools such as HDR, Scenery, Food or Night will optimize your photos, though the effect is not so clear.


 Photo Editor by Aviary also meets the fun requirements of the teen. This app gives you a pretty decent amount of stickers. Users can insert stickers and add drawings to the photos for posting on social networks.


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 Lightroom CC


 When it comes to image editing, people often refer to Adobe Photoshop. But there is another excellent tool from Adobe few people know that is Lightroom which is available in free apk stores.


 This is a set of tools for editing color tones, cropping images quickly, making your photos look more beautiful instead of using other advanced tools.


 Lightroom is an application that requires your mobile device to have plenty of resources. A user's free space should be around 8 GB of internal memory and a quad-core processor of 1.7 GHz or higher for the application to work smoothly.


 If you have ever used Lightroom on your PC then you will surely feel Lightroom for mobile is very familiar. The application interface on the android was optimized by the manufacturer to be identical to the version on the PC.


 In addition, Lightroom CC also supports image synchronization across multiple devices through Adobe ID with Creative Cloud.

One highlight of Lightroom is that it allows us to edit RAW images. Compared to ordinary image files such as PNG or JPEG, RAW files allow us to intervene more in the picture. Since then, post-production works will be much easier compared to regular Android apks.


This application provides new users with a variety of color filters available with different levels of emotion.


However, users often choose to modify photos with other powerful functions. Lightroom editing tools have long been a strength of this software including Enhancements and Selective Editing tools.


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Next on the list is Snapseed. This is a famous photo-editing app on all mobile platforms. You can download this app online in various marketplaces.


Developed for the first time by Nik Software, now owned by Google, Snapseed quickly became the premier camera app on the app marketplace.


Snapseed is extremely easy to use and especially effective for editing photos in different scenarios. There are 3 main modes introduced in Snapseed: Built-in Filters, Portrait Editing, and Manual Modes (Tools).


 First, the Snapseed system is set up with 12 different filters. Each kind of filters has a series of customized presets that make it easy for users to apply.

 The difference is that you can quickly adjust the level of these presets to select the appropriate effect.


The Snapseed manual edit mode is what makes Snapseed stand out. This mode includes 13 powerful tools to help users in post-production tasks. The Tune Image tool is capable of approximating the characteristics of the image such as contrast, warmth or sharpness.

 Meanwhile, the Selective tool allows you to intervene in a certain area of the image. This APK file can also be used to design slideshows thanks to its Text feature.

 In addition, Snapseed also perfectly responds to selfie images with Face mode. This special mode helps you remove the bad points on your face and emphasize the subject in every context.