The everyday of people waiting for kidney transplantation


  • Micheli Rezende Ferreira Cruz
  • Anna Maria de Oliveira Salimena
  • Ivis Emília de Oliveira Souza
  • Maria Carmen Simões Cardoso de Melo



Waiting Lists, Kidney Transplantation, Renal Dialysis, Qualitative Research, Nursing.


Objective: to understand the everyday of people experiencing the waiting list for kidney transplantation. Methods: this is a qualitative research, based on Heideggerian phenomenology. 14 deponents participated in hemodialysis and registered on the waiting list for kidney transplantation. Phenomenological interview with the research question: How is the experience awaiting the kidney transplant? Color marking technique for analyzing demarcating lines that show similarity, of these, emerged the essential structures that enabled the units of meaning.Results: changing lifestyles, imposing a routine and rigidity of treatment signaling everyday stress and exhaustion of hemodialysis being. Emerging from the modes of gossip, curiosity, and bureaucracy, unfolding-inauthentic and impersonal regarding their care. Conclusion:hemodialysis dependence and awaiting kidney transplantation transfer care for family/professional caregivers. To understand the everyday marked by impositions and restrictions, the reflection about how professional health interaction/being-care becomes important.




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Cruz, M. R. F., Salimena, A. M. de O., Souza, I. E. de O., & Melo, M. C. S. C. de. (2016). The everyday of people waiting for kidney transplantation. Rev Rene, 17(2), 250–259.



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