Nurses’ perception on parents of premature babies in the nicu


  • Carlos Alberto Domingues do Nascimento
  • Charmênia Maria Braga Cartaxo
  • Estela Maria Leite Meirelles Monteiro
  • Lygia Maria Pereira da Silva
  • Caroline Cordeiro Souto
  • Eduarda Nascimento Carneiro Leão


Parents, Infant, Premature, Intensive Care Units, Nurse's Role.


The study aimed to analyze the nurses’ perception on the babies’ parents during the treatment in the NICU. Qualitative research carried out from March to June 2012 through semi-structured interview with nine nurses from a hospital in Recife-PE, Brazil. Data showed that the parents are initially perceived in a state of emotional disorganization, but when they turn to defensive strategies and with the nurses’ aid, which provide clinical information and psychological support, they adjust themselves to the treatment situation. On the other hand, reporting the death of the premature infant is an experience seen as extremely negative. To improve the accomplishment of the humanization of the assistance, the nurses highlight the need for a multidisciplinary approach.





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Nascimento, C. A. D. do, Cartaxo, C. M. B., Monteiro, E. M. L. M., Silva, L. M. P. da, Souto, C. C., & Leão, E. N. C. (2013). Nurses’ perception on parents of premature babies in the nicu. Rev Rene, 14(4). Retrieved from



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