Factors associated with depression in cancer patients during chemotherapy





Neoplasms; Depression; Drug Therapy; Oncology Nursing.


Objective: to analyze the factors associated with depression in cancer patients during chemotherapy. Methods: a descriptive cross-sectional study of 208 patients undergoing chemotherapy. A general characterization questionnaire and the Beck Depression Inventory were used. Results: most were women, between 40 and 79 years old, married, Catholic, retired/housewives, with elementary school and had no depression (71.2%), while 17.3% had depression and 11.5% dysphoria. In the associations, it was found statistical significance in the associations of the Beck Depression Inventory with surgery (p=0.002), time since surgery (p=0.014), time since chemotherapy onset (p=0.030), and side effects of chemotherapy (p=0.019). Conclusion: there was a low incidence of depression, but the frequency was higher in patients who did not undergo concomitant surgery, who had started chemotherapy for up to six months and who reported more side effects during treatment.


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