Prevention and control measures of neonatal infections: nursing team’s opinion


  • Viviane de Sousa Tomaz
  • Francisco Herculano Campos Neto
  • Paulo César de Almeida
  • Regina Claudia Furtado Maia
  • Waldélia Maria Santos Monteiro
  • Edna Maria Camelo Chaves


Nursing, Team, Knowledge, Cross Infection, Infant, Newborn.


This article aimed to analyze the knowledge of the nursing team on methods of prevention and control of neonatal infections in newborns. This is a descriptive study carried out in a neonatal unit of Fortaleza-CE, Brazil, from June to October/2009. The sample was composed by 52 professionals of the nursing team and data collection happened through questionnaire. It was verified that hand washing was reported by 48 (92.3%) of the professionals as effective means to prevent infections, followed by the use of individual equipments of protection 21 (40.23%). Venous puncture was mentioned by 45 (86.5%) as risk for infection. The nursing team demonstrated enough knowledge on the approached subject.



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Tomaz, V. de S., Neto, F. H. C., Almeida, P. C. de, Maia, R. C. F., Monteiro, W. M. S., & Chaves, E. M. C. (2011). Prevention and control measures of neonatal infections: nursing team’s opinion. Rev Rene, 12(2). Retrieved from



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