Modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in women with hypertension


  • Jucian Silva do Nascimento
  • Bruna Gomes
  • Ana Hélia de Lima Sardinha


Hypertension, Women, Risk Factors, Cardiovascular Diseases.


The risk factors are related to lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol intake, physical inactivity, stress, obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia. The objective of this work is to examine the modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease in hypertensive women. This is a descriptive cross-sectional population-based and quantitative study, carried out with 88 hypertensive women. Data were collected from December 2009 to May 2010. Among the behavioral variables it was observed that sedentary lifestyle and stress were the most prevalent, representing 80.68% and 75% respectively. The most significant variables were: High blood pressure in 73.3% and body mass index with 71.59%. As for HDL-C dyslipidemia was the most important variable, being below the estimated value for women at 85.05%. Blood glucose was normal in 57.95%, impaired glucose intolerance at 20.45% and 20.45 in patients with diabetes.



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Nascimento, J. S. do, Gomes, B., & Sardinha, A. H. de L. (2011). Modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in women with hypertension. Rev Rene, 12(4). Retrieved from



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