Nurse-patient communication in the preoperative period: integrative review


  • Reginaldo Roque Mafetoni
  • Rosângela Higa
  • Nara Regina Bellini


Communication, Operating Room Nursing, Perioperative Nursing, Orientation.


The objective of this study was to identify nursing communication practices in patient advice processes in the preoperative period. An integrative literature review resulted in the analysis of 14 articles. Seven studies described effective communication through advice, dialogue, meetings, manual use, panels and others . In Pediatrics, art therapy and the use of toys were effective interventions. Six articles described dissatisfaction due to impositive counseling, use of technical language, lack of patient individuality or indicated a lack of information, showing that professionals tend to ritualize their tasks in institutions where attention to this issue is not given. The nurse plays an important role in patient care, and communication represents a relevant form of interaction, which needs to be revised and improved regularly.



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