Association between pressure injury prediction and biochemical markers


  • Luciana Magnani Fernandes
  • Letícia da Silva
  • João Lucas Campos de Oliveira
  • Verusca Soares de Souza
  • Anair Lazzari Nicola



Pressure Ulcer, Biomarkers, Patient Safety, Nutrition Assessment, Nursing Care.


Objective: to verify the association of pressure injury prediction with albumin, hematocrit and hemoglobin levels. Methods: documentary study, developed in an Intensive Care Unit for Adults with records of eligible patients (n=255). Sociodemographic and clinical characterizations lesion, development of pressure injury and region; a score of the Braden scale and results of biochemical markers were extracted. There was a descriptive and inferential statistical analysis, adopting a significance level of 5.0%. Results: there was a prevalence of males (64.7%) and surgical patients (69.8%). There was no significant association between hematocrit and hemoglobin markers with the pressure injury prediction, unlike albumin levels (p=0.023).Conclusion: there is an injury pressure prediction association in the albumin. The protein intake of the patient should be seen in greater detail by the health team.




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Fernandes, L. M., Silva, L. da, Oliveira, J. L. C. de, Souza, V. S. de, & Nicola, A. L. (2016). Association between pressure injury prediction and biochemical markers. Rev Rene, 17(4), 490–497.



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