Works, deeds and words: the unnatural character of the human condition


  • Rodrigo Ribeiro Alves Neto


Modernity. Technology. Hannah Arendt. Action. Work. Nature.


The paper presents the differentiation undertaken by Hannah Arendt between the technical dimension of the human condition, expressed in fabrication activity (work) and his works, and the political dimension of the human condition, manifested in deeds and words. This is the development partial of a more extensive research on early stage about the origins, the unfolding and the crisis of modernity with its techno scientific challenges to our fundamental philosophical presuppositions, dissolving classics antinomies and conceptual limits with which tradition has always understood our active life, such as nature and history, human and inhuman, subject and object, freedom and determinism, ethical and technical, work, labor and action, science and technology, means and ends, ethics and science, automatism and autonomy, knowledge and power, machine and body, etc.





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