The category of birth and foundation in Hannah Arendt's political thought


  • José Luiz de Oliveira


Birth. Foundation. Revolution.


To Hannah Arendt, man, through their birth experience, this presents our planet as being a newcomer. This means that every newcomer to this world is able to open another one situation that stands out as a novelty. It is because of the birth that men present themselves as having the ability to start. It is important to consider that, according to some analyzes made by Hannah Arendt, we are led to admit that the theme that best suits the human faculty to start is the foundation. That is, in these analyzes, it is evident that there is a position which is in the purpose of demonstrating the combination between birth and foundation the perspective Arendt. Encouraged by the paths around the foundation approaches within the history of political philosophy, our purpose here is to describe the points of understanding Arendt’s approach in relation to our republican tradition. We will analyze the extent to which Arendt was bolstered in the relationship between birth and foundation to build a political philosophy capable of sustaining their analysis on the foundation of the political body within the modern revolutions.





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