Inter homines esse: the coexistence between different in Hannah Arendt


  • Kathlen Luana de Oliveira


Living together. Violence. Hannah Arendt.


The text investigates singularities of political understanding in Hannah Arendt. Arendt’s thought elucidates that the understanding of violence associated to the policy reduces the power to relations of domination and fear, destroying human plurality, disabling the action in concert. The living-together refers to the responsibility for the world which is discussed by the text in five topics: living- together and communicability; living-together and plurality and singularity; living-together opposite the predominance of consumers and violence; living-together versus isolation and loneliness; living-together and the power of forgiving, the power of promising and the possibility to begin. Therefore, the aim of this text is to elucidate the centrality of the political understanding in Arendt’s thought, which not lies in humans, but among humans, as possibilities of living-together, the relationship between different human beings.





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