Neoliberalism, de-democratization, subjectivity

  • Rafael Rocha da Rosa Doutorando em Filosofia.
Keywords: Foucault. Subjectivity. Neoliberalism. Democracy. Wendy Brown.


Considering the expansion of market logic and economics, both for politics and for social life, our goal is to understand how neoliberalism produces governable subjects in accordance with their interests. Our effort is justified by the urgency of new forms of life, of personal relations, of work, of other subjectivities, especially of a new policy. In analyzing the contemporaneity the alliance between governments and large corporations guaranteed the market domination, politics and its harmful effects, highlighting its project: precariousness, termination of labor conquests, revocation of social rights, outsourcing, privatization, generalization of competition, reduction of public services, unemployment, wage contraction. In relation to politics, neoliberalism would be a specific type of reason with a totalizing pretension, that of forming the existential aspects in the economic molds, which, in turn, would fragment the basic principles of democracy. The neoliberal form of government connects production and directing the conduits and classifies modes of existence according to income, inheritance, merit, work: each of these items prescribes a certain way of being. In this purpose, one of its main strategies would be its subjectivation form, manufacturing subjects whose values would obey the market logic, and then conduct their behaviors.

Author Biography

Rafael Rocha da Rosa, Doutorando em Filosofia.

Doutorando em Filosofia pela UERJ.


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