Quality of care provided to the hospitalized child from the perspective of the companion

Ylana Karine Fonseca de Medeiros, Deborah Dinorah de Sá Mororó, Juliana Teixeira Jales Menescal Pinto, Gleiciane Fonseca, Nadja de Sá Pinto Dantas Rocha


Objective: to assess the companion’s satisfaction with the quality of care provided to the hospitalized child. Methods: this is an evaluative study, carried out in a pediatric hospitalization unit of a University Hospital. Seventy companions of hospitalized children met the inclusion criteria and answered to the data collection instrument, composed of a form with socioeconomic information and another adapted to assess user satisfaction from the National Health Services Evaluation Program. Results: 45.7% reported some delay in care during the child’s hospitalization. There was satisfaction with the communication of information about the patient (88.6%), visit time (75.7%), cleaning of the environments (75.7%), but 65.7% did not know where to make complaints or suggestions and 44.3% did not know the name of the professional who would see their child. Conclusion: in general, companions’ satisfaction regarding the quality of care for hospitalized children was evidenced, and opportunities for improvement regarding users’ rights were highlighted.Health Evaluation; Quality of Health Care; Patient Satisfaction; Child Health.


Health Evaluation; Quality of Health Care; Patient Satisfaction; Child Health.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15253/rev%20rene.v18i4.20236


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