Quality of care provided to the hospitalized child from the perspective of the companion


  • Ylana Karine Fonseca de Medeiros
  • Deborah Dinorah de Sá Mororó
  • Juliana Teixeira Jales Menescal Pinto
  • Gleiciane Fonseca
  • Nadja de Sá Pinto Dantas Rocha




Health Evaluation, Quality of Health Care, Patient Satisfaction, Child Health.


Objective: to assess the companion’s satisfaction with the quality of care provided to the hospitalized child. Methods: this is an evaluative study, carried out in a pediatric hospitalization unit of a University Hospital. Seventy companions of hospitalized children met the inclusion criteria and answered to the data collection instrument, composed of a form with socioeconomic information and another adapted to assess user satisfaction from the National Health Services Evaluation Program. Results: 45.7% reported some delay in care during the child’s hospitalization. There was satisfaction with the communication of information about the patient (88.6%), visit time (75.7%), cleaning of the environments (75.7%), but 65.7% did not know where to make complaints or suggestions and 44.3% did not know the name of the professional who would see their child. Conclusion: in general, companions’ satisfaction regarding the quality of care for hospitalized children was evidenced, and opportunities for improvement regarding users’ rights were highlighted.Health Evaluation; Quality of Health Care; Patient Satisfaction; Child Health.




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Medeiros, Y. K. F. de, Mororó, D. D. de S., Pinto, J. T. J. M., Fonseca, G., & Rocha, N. de S. P. D. (2017). Quality of care provided to the hospitalized child from the perspective of the companion. Rev Rene, 18(4), 499–506. https://doi.org/10.15253/2175-6783.2017000400011



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