Peer Review Policy

The Rev Rene establishes in its editorial policy the following criteria for the evaluation process: adequacy to the focus and scope of the journal, formatting in accordance with the recommended technical standards, grammatical and formal standards of the journal, relevance, content, textual coherence and theoretical and methodological consistency.

The evaluation process consists of the following steps:

1. Preliminary analysis by the Editor-in-Chief and the editorial assistant to verify compliance with the general instructions defined by the editorial policy;

2. Similarity checking of all submitted documents using the iThenticate software;

3. Prior analysis by the editors as to the adequacy to the journal's focus and scope, the relevance and contribution of the text to the Nursing area.

If the manuscript is approved in the pre-analysis, and being in accordance with the norms, the manuscripts will be sent to the Associate Editor for the indication of consultants.
Rev Rene follows the double blind peer review format. For each manuscript, Rev Rene requests analysis and opinion from at least two ad hoc consultants, researchers of recognized competence in the field of knowledge of the manuscript.

After evaluation by the consultants, the Associate Editor will inform the recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief, who will decide on approval, corrections or rejection of the manuscripts, based on the evaluations made by the consultants and the Associate Editor. Rev Rene will notify authors and reviewers about the decision acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.

Tracking the evaluation process of the manuscript

The authors can follow the editorial process of the manuscript through the system Decisions on the manuscript will be communicated by e-mail and made available in the system.

The peer reviewers, through an evaluation form, will recommend one of the following three options:
1. Full acceptance without changes;
2. Partial acceptance with changes;
3. Rejection of the manuscript.

The estimated time from submission to approval will take about 3 months, or as soon as it is evaluated by the reviewers, the manuscript will go to the end of the evaluation process. If the manuscript is returned more than three times in order to meet the journal's standards, it will be archived.