Practices in delivery and birth care from mothers’ perspective


  • Débora Apolinário
  • Marcelexandra Rabelo
  • Lillian Daisy Gonçalves Wolff
  • Silvana Regina Rossi Kissula Souza
  • Giseli Campos Gaioski Leal



Humanizing Delivery, Nursing, Women’s Health.


Objective: to highlight the practices of delivery and birth care in a maternity ward from mothers’ perspective. Methods: descriptive cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach carried out in a maternity hospital of usual risk, with 100 regular postpartum mothers. It was used a semi-structured questionnaire as recommended by the World Health Organization. Results: among the practices that should be encouraged from birth care, stands out: women’s privacy; participation of the companion of their choice; the use of non-pharmacological methods for pain relief. Among the practices that should be eliminated: the transfer to the delivery room at the second stage and the lithotomy position. Conclusion: women are still passive in the birth process despite attempts to change the model of care during labor and birth.




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Apolinário, D., Rabelo, M., Wolff, L. D. G., Souza, S. R. R. K., & Leal, G. C. G. (2016). Practices in delivery and birth care from mothers’ perspective. Rev Rene, 17(1), 20–28.



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