Group of experience with the elderly: psychosocial support in health promotion


  • Laudicéia Noronha Xavier
  • Isabelle Cordeiro Nojosa Sombra
  • Annatália Meneses de Amorim Gomes
  • Gisele Lopes Oliveira
  • Cryslany Portela de Aguiar
  • Rômulo Mágnus de Castro Sena



Aged, Health Promotion, Social Group, Nursing, Social Support.


Objective: to analyze the perception of the elderly on the importance of a group of experience. Methods: iIt is an exploratory, descriptive research with qualitative approach, developed at a Basic Health Unit in a county of the Brazilian northeast, with 13 elderly people attending the Group. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and analysis by the thematic analysis technique. Results: three empirical categories were identified: motivation to seek the group of experience, perspective concerning this group and changes perceived through participation. Conclusion: the group of experience can represent a therapeutic moment for the elderly, serving as support and strengthening the elderly in the social context, making the improvement and development of abilities as well as the obtaining more knowledge for health promotion possible.


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Gisele Lopes Oliveira




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Xavier, L. N., Sombra, I. C. N., Gomes, A. M. de A., Oliveira, G. L., Aguiar, C. P. de, & Sena, R. M. de C. (2015). Group of experience with the elderly: psychosocial support in health promotion. Rev Rene, 16(4), 557–566.



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