The partner as a caregiver in the birth process


  • Camila Fernandes da Silva Carvalho
  • Isaiane da Silva Carvalho
  • Rosineide Santana de Brito
  • Allyne Fortes Vitor
  • Ana Luísa Brandão de Carvalho Lira



Obstetric Nursing, Paternity, Labor, Obstetric, Parturition.


Objective: to analyze the scientific production about the role of the man as a caregiver during the birth process of his partner. Methods: integrative review held in electronic databases Scopus, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, PubMed, ISI Web of Knowledge, and Latin American and Caribbean in Health Sciences. Results: there were 389 scientific articles located, of which 26 studies were selected that showed active roles - physical and emotional support - and passive roles – spectator or total lack of viewer participation – of the partner during the birth process. The monitoring of this event by the father is considered positive experience. However, the lack of incentive limits their active participation. Conclusion: despite the historical, religious, cultural, institutional or individual barriers, there is a desire to actively participating in the child´s birth, even though sometimes parents are unprepared to provide the support they would like.




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Carvalho, C. F. da S., Carvalho, I. da S., Brito, R. S. de, Vitor, A. F., & Lira, A. L. B. de C. (2015). The partner as a caregiver in the birth process. Rev Rene, 16(4), 613–621.



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