Arterial hypertension and lifestyle of waterway workers


  • Jorge Luiz Lima da Silva
  • Jonathan Henrique Anjos de Almeida
  • Rafael da Silva Soares
  • Monyque Evelyn dos Santos Silva
  • Enéas Rangel Teixeira
  • Jones Alberto de Almeida



Hypertension, Occupational Health, Occupational Health Nursing.


Objective: to describe the prevalence of arterial hypertension among workers of water transportation company in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Methods: it is a sectional study performed with 316 employees. Socio-demographic variables, labor, of lifestyle and health were analyzed; the numbers above 120/80 mmHg were considered as an initial risk for hypertension. Results: the prevalence of hypertension (>140/90mmHg) was 19.3%. The prevalence of blood pressure values above 120/80mmHg was 65.5%. Male gender (p=0.001); age over 35 years (p=0.014); marital status (p=0.040); presence of children (p=0.013); permanent job (p=0.015); be more than five years in the industry (p=0.004), high body mass index (p=0.001) and the unawareness of having high pressure (p=0.001) were associated with hypertension. Conclusion:the findings contribute to the knowledge of health area of workers and provide subsidies to nursing, can perform planning activities and multidisciplinary interventions.





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Silva, J. L. L. da, Almeida, J. H. A. de, Soares, R. da S., Silva, M. E. dos S., Teixeira, E. R., & Almeida, J. A. de. (2015). Arterial hypertension and lifestyle of waterway workers. Rev Rene, 16(6), 790–798.



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