Perceptions of students on the physical exams in clinical nursing practice


  • Maria de Fátima Lima de Oliveira
  • Waldemar Brandão Neto
  • Andrea Rosane Sousa Silva
  • Ana Virgínia Rodrigues Veríssimo
  • Ana Márcia Tenório de Souza Cavalcanti
  • Estela Maria Leite Meirelles Monteiro



Physical Examination, Nursing Process, Clinical Competence, Nurse-Patient Relations, Education, Nursing.


Objective: to understand the perceptions of students from an undergraduate course in nursing on the importance of physical exams in clinical nursing practice. Methods: a qualitative study with 12 students of a private institution. For data analysis, the method of interpretation of meanings was used, based on the hermeneutic-dialectic perspective. Results: directions have been identified which give the physical exam an objective dimension, in which the accuracy of propaedeutic techniques is essential, and a relational dimension in which to give meaning to human actions permeated by subjectivity, new forms of production clinical nursing care are used.Conclusion: the physical exam contributes to the development of critical thinking in nursing care for the safety of the patient and autonomy to act in the scope of the clinical practice.




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Oliveira, M. de F. L. de, Neto, W. B., Silva, A. R. S., Veríssimo, A. V. R., Cavalcanti, A. M. T. de S., & Monteiro, E. M. L. M. (2016). Perceptions of students on the physical exams in clinical nursing practice. Rev Rene, 17(2), 268–277.



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