Analysis of the concept of nursing educational technology applied to the patient


  • Aline Cruz Esmeraldo Áfio
  • Aldiania Carlos Balbino
  • Maria Dalva Santos Alves
  • Luciana Vieira de Carvalho
  • Míria Conceição Lavinas Santos
  • Natália Rodrigues Oliveira



Concept Formation, Educational Technology, Nursing.


It is aimed at analyzing the concept of educational technology, produced by nursing, applied to the patient. Rodgers´ Evolutionary Method of Concept Analysis was used, identifying background, attributes and consequential damages. 13 articles were selected for analysis in which the background was identified: knowledge deficiency, shortage of nursing professionals' time, to optimize nursing work, the need to achieve the goals of the patients. Attributes: tool, strategy, innovative approach, pedagogical approach, mediator of knowledge, creative way to encourage the acquisition of skills, health production instrument. Consequences: to improve the quality of life, encouraging healthy behavior, empowerment, reflection and link. It emphasizes the importance of educational technologies for the care in nursing, to boost health education activities.




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Áfio, A. C. E., Balbino, A. C., Alves, M. D. S., Carvalho, L. V. de, Santos, M. C. L., & Oliveira, N. R. (2014). Analysis of the concept of nursing educational technology applied to the patient. Rev Rene, 15(1).



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