Breastfeeding: providing care in rooming-in care


  • Ana Raquel Saraiva
  • Amanda Cordeiro Carvalho
  • Gleice Adriana Gonçalves
  • Jaqueliny Rodrigues Soares
  • Sarah Lima Pinto


Breastfeeding, Rooming-In Care, Nursing, Perinatal Care.


The study aims to verify the performance of nursing team, with the mothers, before the process of breastfeeding and prevention of breastfeeding problems, in the rooming in a reference maternity hospital, in the city of Juazeiro do Norte, CE, Brazil. Descriptive study with qualitative approach in which respondents were eight professionals of the nursing team, the data were analyzed and categorized. The main difficulties in implementing the actions were: the resistance of the mothers to accept the guidelines of the nursing team, insufficient quantity of professionals, lack of continuous training for professionals, and inadequate infrastructure. Therefore, it is necessary that the rooming health professionals have a commitment to have updated knowledge and put it into practice, as well as develop strategies to have the mothers´ confidence thus allowing them to breastfeed more safely.





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Saraiva, A. R., Carvalho, A. C., Gonçalves, G. A., Soares, J. R., & Pinto, S. L. (2013). Breastfeeding: providing care in rooming-in care. Rev Rene, 14(2). Retrieved from



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