Obstetric profile and complications of puerperas assisted in home visits


  • Jéssica Medeiros Minasi
  • Alessandra Mendes de Barros
  • Catharine Silva de Souza
  • Taimara Martins Pinheiro
  • Fabiane Ferreira Francioni
  • Nalú Pereira da Costa Kerber


Nursing, Postpartum Period, Home Visit.


Descriptive exploratory study with quantitative approach that aimed to trace the obstetric profile and identify the major problems/complications faced by women assisted by the Extension Project “Home Visit in Immediate Postpartum”, of the School of Nursing, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 72 puerperas, and data collected was submitted to descriptive analysis. The women were aged between 14 and 44 years, 41.6% were primigravidas, 34.7% had undergone at least one cesarean section and 13.8% reported one or more abortions. As for complications during pregnancy, anemia and hypertension were the most common; in delivery and postpartum, most reported no complications. Home visit is important to clarify doubts, detect possible abnormalities, conduct orientations, and assist in mother-baby bond.





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Minasi, J. M., Barros, A. M. de, Souza, C. S. de, Pinheiro, T. M., Francioni, F. F., & Kerber, N. P. da C. (2013). Obstetric profile and complications of puerperas assisted in home visits. Rev Rene, 14(4). Retrieved from http://periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/3540



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