Nursing staff: training and updating in the field of aging


  • Marinês Tambara Leite
  • Lucia Hisako Takase Gonçalves
  • Iara Denise Endruweit Battisti
  • Leila Mariza Hildebrandt


Aged, Nursing Staff, Aging.


This study has the objective of describing and analyzing the nursing staff that act in the hospitals of 17th Coordenadoria Regional de Saúde in the state of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil, in the aspects that refer to training and updating in the field of human aging. The research was carried out with 74 professionals of nursing teams, from 14 different hospitals. Data were collected by interview. Results show a significant association (p=0.012) between accomplishment of updating and time of formation. There is also association between the occupational group and the search for an updating course (p=0.003). Only 2 (2.7%) of the professionals had updated themselves in the areas of geriatrics, gerontology or aging. Thus, it is possible to understand that the training institutions for human resources, in especial the nursing ones, must concern with the questions related to aging and, somehow, insert in their programs components that refer to the subject matter and offer forums for discussion to the professionals who are interested in qualification in this area of knowledge.



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Leite, M. T., Gonçalves, L. H. T., Battisti, I. D. E., & Hildebrandt, L. M. (2011). Nursing staff: training and updating in the field of aging. Rev Rene, 12(1). Retrieved from



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