Experience of an oncologic nursing team regarding cancer patients’ care


  • Sinara Raskopf Klüser
  • Marlene Gomes Terra
  • Helena Carolina Noal
  • Annie Jeanninne Jeanninne Bisso Lacchini
  • Stela Maris de Mello Padoin


Oncologic nursing, hospitalization, nursing, team, nursing care, philosophy.


The aim of this study was to understand the way a nursing team experiences the process of caring of a hospitalized cancer patient. This is a phenomenological qualitative research based on the theoretic-philosophic referential of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and the hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur, developed at a university hospital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. An open survey was applied to nine professionals from the nursing team. Four subjects were raised from the speeches: self-perception as a professional, perception of the other as a caregiver, perception of the ambiguity life and death in care, perception of the learning in giving care. The experience of the nursing Professional in taking care of a hospitalized cancer patient rises as a way to fulfill the needs and provide welfare to the other people. Also, as an ability to see, hear, observe, and feel; being available to perform to the other what they cannot do, comforting, sharing knowledge and educating for self-care.



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Klüser, S. R., Terra, M. G., Noal, H. C., Lacchini, A. J. J. B., & Padoin, S. M. de M. (2011). Experience of an oncologic nursing team regarding cancer patients’ care. Rev Rene, 12(1). Retrieved from http://periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/4180



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