Use o partogram in maternity hospitals of Alagoas


  • Luciana de Amorim Barros
  • Regina Célia Sales Santos Veríssimo


Parturition, labor, obstetric, clinical evolution, humanizing delivery, medical records.


The objective of this study was to describe how often partogram is used in school maternities of Alagoas, Brazil. It was a descriptive cross-sectional study. The sample consisted of 171 charts of mothers assisted during labor. Data were collected on the use of partogram and their items: cervical dilation, time of presentation, variety of position, fetal heartbeat, uterine dynamics, conditions of the grant, use of oxytocin, use of drugs/fluids/ anesthesia, name of pregnant, date, real time, time to record and signature of the examiner. These were analyzed to record total, partial or no record. The frequency of use of partogram was 42%. It is concluded that the frequency of use of partogram in the institutions studied is limited, due to low use, and when used, your items have not been fully met.



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Barros, L. de A., & Veríssimo, R. C. S. S. (2011). Use o partogram in maternity hospitals of Alagoas. Rev Rene, 12(3). Retrieved from



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