Performance in the establishment of a bond in the services ofattention to tuberculosis


  • Tânia Maria Ribeiro Monteiro de Figueiredo
  • Mayrla Lima Pinto
  • Maria Aparecida Alves Cardoso
  • Valkênia Alves Silva


Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Effectiveness, Health Services, Professional-Patient Relations.


The objective of this work was to investigate the performance in establishing the link between the professional and the tuberculosis patients treated in health services in Campina Grande/PB/Brazil. It is a descriptive and cross-sectional study, of quantitative approach. The study population consisted of 79 patients. For data collection, it was used an instrument that is a component of the Primary Care Assessment Tool. The data analysis was performed using the Program SPSS 13.0. 43,04% of the respondents were treated in the Reference Clinic and 56,96% in the Basic Unit of Family Health. The study subjects followed the same pattern: male in a productive age with low education. Regarding the creation of the bond, the two services had favorable performances. The study revealed satisfactory performance regarding the effectiveness of professional-patient relationship in both services that develop actions for the tuberculosis control.



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Figueiredo, T. M. R. M. de, Pinto, M. L., Cardoso, M. A. A., & Silva, V. A. (2011). Performance in the establishment of a bond in the services ofattention to tuberculosis. Rev Rene, 12. Retrieved from



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