The patient on hemodialysis: self care with the arteriovenous fistula


  • Samia Jardelle Costa de Freitas Maniva
  • Consuelo Helena Aires de Freitas


Renal insufficiency, chronic, arteriovenous fistula, self care, renal dialysis.


The objective of this research was to learn about the self care of patients on hemodialysis with the arteriovenous fi stula (AVF).It is a descriptive study with qualitative approach, made on a hemodialysis clinic in Fortaleza – CE (Unique Health System- SUS). 15 patients were observed, 9 men and 6 women. The data was organized and analyzed through the Thematic Categorical Analysis. From the manifested contents such categories came up: knowing the participating subjects, patient’s knowledge over AVF matter and the cares of the patient with the AVFThe results revealed patients with a defi cit of knowledge about the making and functioning of the AVF as well as knowledge about care with the patient with the AVF.





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Maniva, S. J. C. de F., & Freitas, C. H. A. de. (2010). The patient on hemodialysis: self care with the arteriovenous fistula. Rev Rene, 11(1). Retrieved from



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