Adolescent/adolescence: theoretic review about a critical stage of life


  • Rejane Marie Barbosa Davim
  • Raimunda Medeiros Germano
  • Rejane Millions Viana Menezes
  • Djailson José Delgado Carlos


Adolescents, Adolescent development, Adolescent behavior, Adolescent’s Healt.


This is a theoretical review about adolescence, through a history survey on how this stage has been built on societies, focusing its sociocultural, political, psychological or emotional aspects. We had as objective the identification of elements in literature for a better understanding of the features and curiosities of this stage of life. It is perceived from the approach on the subject that the adolescent requires a careful and, above all, affective attention from the adults with whom they live, considering the vulnerability of their conduct and the need for affirmation.




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Davim, R. M. B., Germano, R. M., Menezes, R. M. V., & Carlos, D. J. D. (2009). Adolescent/adolescence: theoretic review about a critical stage of life. Rev Rene, 10(2). Retrieved from



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