Familiar relationship before values and customs in different origins


  • Sônia Silva Marcon
  • Fabiana Magalhães Navarro
  • Liliana Yukie Hayakawa
  • Márcia Glaciela da Cruz Scardoelli
  • Maria Angélica Pagliarini Waidman


Family, Ethnic groups, Culture, Family relations.


The present study was carried through, with the objective of investigating the concept of family which is present in different origins and highlights cultural traditions that consist of indicators of cultural preservation and conservation. Thus, we decided for the descriptive exploratory study of qualitative nature, with the use of a semi-structured questionnaire. The informers of the study were two individuals from the Japanese, Portuguese, German, Italian and Arab origins who set up their families in Brazil. The interviewed people were chosen from the respective existing communities in the city of Maringá/Paraná. We could observe that all the interviewed people aimed for the family well being and tried to coexist and to transmit to their descendents values and inherited customs, as far as their own ethnic groups as well as ethical and spiritual values are concerned.




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Marcon, S. S., Navarro, F. M., Hayakawa, L. Y., Scardoelli, M. G. da C., & Waidman, M. A. P. (2008). Familiar relationship before values and customs in different origins. Rev Rene, 9(2). Retrieved from http://periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/4982



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