Review on literature about fragility and their relationship with ageing


  • Suzele Cristina Coelho Fabrício
  • Rosalina Aparecida Partezani Rodrigues


Aged, Aging, Frail elderly, Review literature.


This is a theoretical study which aimed to discuss ageing and its relationship with fragility. The historical trajectory of the fragility concept and its implications with people who get old are described through a bibliographic review on the theme. After the literature analysis, the context is appraised and health professionals are stimulated to reflect on the need to value the theme and develop research. Fragility is approached not as a synonym of old age, but as a factor that, when treated precociously, can guarantee autonomy and independence of the old person, avoiding disabilities, deficiencies and disadvantages, often associated with and/or caused by the degree of fragility the elderly can present. The importance of further studies on measurement instruments to detect fragility in elderly people is highlighted, permitting the early identification of the elderly who are fragile or susceptible to such conditions, favoring the elaboration of preventive intervention strategies.





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