The woman and the daily nourishment in the family: meanings and beliefs


  • Consuelo Helena Aires de Freitas Lopes
  • Maria Salete Bessa Jorge
  • Ana Larissa Gomes Machado


Feeding, Food habits, Family, Comprehension.


The present study consisted of analyzing the meanings and beliefs of women from poor families when they deal with daily nourishment in their families. It searched the understanding for the development of strategies in education in health which are effective to prevent damages to health. The qualitative research was developed along with 20 poor families in home range. The data collection was made from January to March 2004 through semi-structured interview and field observation, and to analyze the reports we made the choice for the Speech Analysis. The reports were interpreted through Symbolic Interactionism. It was concluded that women made feeding options through interaction and symbolic sense inside the social and economical context they have, drive their actions and confer the meanings defining thus the nourishment for their families.





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Lopes, C. H. A. de F., Jorge, M. S. B., & Machado, A. L. G. (2007). The woman and the daily nourishment in the family: meanings and beliefs. Rev Rene, 8(1). Retrieved from



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