Alcoholism in familiar and social context: documental analysis by Pimentel light


  • Maria Salete Bessa Jorge
  • Consuelo Helena Aires de Freitas Lopes
  • Cynthia de Freitas Sampaio
  • Lyara Veríssimo de Souza
  • Michelle Soares Joseno da Silva
  • Marcela Soares Alves


Alcoholism, Family relations, Nursing.


The alcohol is one of the few psychoactive drugs which consume is socially accepted and even incentived by the society.The objective was to analyze the scientific production about alcoholism in Nursing magazines in the period of 2000 to 2005 and its repercussion in the social and familiar context, to confront ideas of the authors found in the literature about the theme, to show the interventions of the health team on the alcoholic patient, regarding to Brazilian articles. It is a bibliographic study, with referenced analysis by Pimentel (2001). The results indicated the thematic nucleus: explicative models about the phenomenon of the use of alcohol, alcohol versus multifatoriality, risk groups, family relations and life quality of the alcoholic patients, interventions of the health team. Although the studies make clear the malefic consequences of the alcohol abuse, it is still considered as insufficient to manage the diverse dimensions of the studied phenomenon, having need of other investigations that subside the professional interventions.





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Jorge, M. S. B., Lopes, C. H. A. de F., Sampaio, C. de F., Souza, L. V. de, Silva, M. S. J. da, & Alves, M. S. (2007). Alcoholism in familiar and social context: documental analysis by Pimentel light. Rev Rene, 8(3). Retrieved from



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