Bio-security measures in times of aids


  • Aline Machado Feitosa
  • Simone Gonçalves Vasconcelos
  • Léa Maria Moura Barroso
  • Marli Teresinha Gimeniz Galvão


Nursing, Security measures, HIV/aids.


This study has been based on the bio-security issue, a necessary topic for discussion in face of the various transmissible diseases, especially AIDS. It is an exploratory-descriptive study. The subjects were five nurses who worked at a surgical unit of a public maternity hospital in Fortaleza-CE, in July 2004. A semi-structured interview was used for the data collection. The data were categorized and the answers show that the nurses have knowledge of the subject. Some accounts suggest that, despite knowing the norms, the nurses do not observe them due to lack of habit or unavailability of material. This is a worrying situation as the institution must provide minimum safety conditions, stimulating the observance of bio-security measures, providing ongoing education and equipment in proper amount. When nurses deal with HIV bearers, they must care even more about intensifying the observance of bio-security measures.





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Feitosa, A. M., Vasconcelos, S. G., Barroso, L. M. M., & Galvão, M. T. G. (2005). Bio-security measures in times of aids. Rev Rene, 6(1). Retrieved from



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