The computer science and the pedagogic currents in nursing


  • Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes
  • Thelma Leite de Araujo
  • Hermínio Borges Neto


Educational Informatics, Pedagogical Currents, Nursing Informatics.


This work presents a parallel among the theoretical currents of the effective education in Nursing and the possibles forms of use of the computer as didactic resource in the same ones. The forms of use of the computer were faced as varying in agreement with the incorporate education concept for the teacher that uses the computer as teaching resource. We believed that the computed could follow any one of these slopes, depending on the person that will be using it. The ability to work with this new tool and the vision of the teacher’s education will be characteristic that will define the direction to be taken by the information.




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Lopes, M. V. de O., Araujo, T. L. de, & Borges Neto, H. (2001). The computer science and the pedagogic currents in nursing. Rev Rene, 2(2). Retrieved from



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