Management of pressure ulcers in palliative care patients: nurses' view

Keywords: Nursing Care; Nursing; Palliative Care; Pressure Ulcer; Wound Healing.


Objective: to understand the management of pressure ulcers in palliative care patients from the perspective of nurses. Methods: qualitative study, in which 17 care nurses participated through semi-structured interviews. Data were submitted to thematic categorical analysis. Results: two categories were listed: Nursing management of pressure ulcers in palliative care patients and Outcome of pressure ulcers in palliative care patients. Their management occurs by means of individualized assistance and may vary according to the different moments in which the individual is and should be malleable. The possibility of three outcomes was also observed: complete healing, clinical improvement and clinical stabilization. Conclusion: despite all the frailty of these patients in palliative care, it was perceived that the clinical improvement of the lesions occurs, although it is a slow path, by means of handling the lesions in an individualized manner and focused on the search for comfort.


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