Nurses’ perceptions of counseling and rapid testing for sexually transmitted infections




Counseling; HIV; Syphilis; Primary Health Care; Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


Objective: to understand Family Health Strategy nurses’ perceptions on counseling and rapid testing for sexually transmitted infections. Methods: this is a qualitative study, with data triangulation. Data collection was conducted through a semi-structured interview with seven nurses from Family Health Strategy. For systematization and data processing, content analysis was adopted in the thematic modality. Results: after analysis, four categories emerged: Rapid test training; Counseling conduction; Ease in rapid testing offer; and Challenges offering rapid testing. Conclusion: nurses’ perceptions were related to difficulties in the face of pre and posttest counseling, requiring improvement, permanent education and training for professional preparation, and the logistics of inputs and materials, in addition to changes in the physical structure of the units.


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