Storage potencial of soybeans cultivars under low temperature



Currently with a more demanding market, is necessary to produce better and high physiological quality cultivars of soybeans. In front of this new challenge, our objective was to evaluate the physiological quality of 11 soybean cultivars: CD201, SYN1263, SYN1279, BMX, UFLA1, CA115, CD215, CD202, Conquista, Savana, and BRS820 storage for 12 months. Evaluations were conducted through physiological like germination and vigor (accelerated aging and controlled deterioration) and isoenzymes analysis. The seeds were stored under controlled conditions at 10 °C and 10% relative humidity. It was assessed every four months (0, 4, 8, and 12). 200 seeds per treatment were used for each test, divided into 4 replications of 50 seeds. The number of normal plants was evaluated on the fifth and seventh days, expressed as a percentage value. Isoenzyme analysis of MDH, ADH, Esterase, and Catalase was made. The results were interpreted from the presence or absence of bands in the gel. An experimental design in randomized complete blocks, interpreting data using analysis of variance in a factorial scheme 11 x 4 (11 cultivars and 4 times of storage and averages compared by the test Scott-Knott 5% of probability and regression analysis. The statistical program used was Sisvar®. We found that cultivars Savana and Conquista showed low physiological quality, and the cultivars CD 215 and BMX showed high physiological quality during storage.

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Kiliany Arcia Moreno, Universidad del Cauca

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Yamid Arley Mera, Universidade do Cauca

Soy Biologo, profesor e investigador de la universidad del Cauca, Colombia.