Neurath on context of discovery vs context of justification

  • Lucas Baccarat Silva Negrão de Campos


The distinction between context of justification and context of discovery is held by many as one of the most distinct characteristics of logical empiricism. In that sense, the presupposition that all logical empiricists agreed on the unrestricted validity of the distinction is broadly sustained in the historiography of philosophy. In our opinion, however, this presupposition is not entirely correct. As we intend to show Otto Neurath, unquestionably identified as a logical empiricist, would not agree with many of the formulations of the distinction. Lastly, following Thomas Uebel suggestion, we try to show that, even though Neurath rejects the strict version of the distinction, he would not object to some contemporaries reformulations of it.

Keywords: Neurath; Logical Empiricism; Context of Discovery; Context of Justification; Hoyningen-Huene.