Simulation with standardized patients: nursing student’s communication skills in health

Fernanda dos Santos Nogueira de Góes, Natália Del' Angelo Aredes, Cristina Yuri Nakata Hara, Luciana Mara Monti Fonseca, Suzanne Hetzel Campbell


Objective: to identify and measure nursing student’s communication skills in health using simulation with standardized patients. Methods: descriptive, cross-sectional study carried out with 16 students of the last year of the nursing undergraduate course. The simulation focused on requesting authorization from the patient/family to perform venipuncture. During the simulation, all the students were evaluated through the Health Communication Assessment Tool. Results: of the 22 items of the tool, 18 reached agreement higher than 50.0%.Of the 16 participants, 14 (87.5%) were assessed as being able to communicate in more than 50.0% of thestatements. Conclusion: students’ communication was satisfactory; there are gaps related to the emotional aspects of the patient and the family, manifesting the need to reinforce communication in the nursing curriculum.


Education, Nursing; Patient Simulation; Communication; Students, Nursing.

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