Pre-frailty in the elderly and the driver license test for motor vehicles

Maria Helena Lenardt, Susanne Elero Betiolli, Letícia Marie Sakai, Nathalia Hammerschmidt Kolb Carneiro, Maria Angélica Binotto, Dayana Cristina Moraes


Objective: to investigate the association between the condition of physical pre-frailty in elderly people and the final results of the driver license test for motor vehicles. Methods: cross-sectional study carried out with 347elderly who underwent driver license tests. A questionnaire and tests were applied, and information on the result of the driver license test was collected. A descriptive statistical analysis and a non-parametric test were performed. Results: 163 (47.0%) were found to be pre-frail, 71 (43.6%) had reduced hand grip strength, 65(39.9%) had reduced level of physical activity and 62 (38.0%), reduced gait speed. The result of the driver test indicated 115 (70.6%) pre-frail elderly to be able to drive with restriction. Pre-frailty was not associated with the results of the driver license test (p = 0.744). Conclusion: although the pre-frail condition was frequent, there was no significant association with the result of the driver test.


Frail Elderly; Geriatric Nursing; Physical Fitness; Automobile Driver Examination; Automobile Driving.

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