Profile of hospitalizations and prevalence of conditions sensitive to primary care in a university hospital

Lucia Aparecida de Souza, Ricardo Mattos Russo Rafael, Anna Tereza Miranda Soares de Moura, Mercedes Neto


Objective: to describe the profile of hospitalizations and the prevalence of conditions sensitive to primary carein the medical clinic sector. Methods: exploratory cross-sectional study with 197 subjects hospitalized for over 24 hours. Data collected from interviews and medical records collection of hospitalized patients in the sector and analyzed through descriptive statistics. Results: adults, females, black skinned people, with 4-12 years of schooling, belonging to class C and residents of the urban zone predominated among the hospitalized people. The prevalence of hospitalizations due to sensitive conditions was 20.8% (Confidence Interval 95.0%: 15.7/27.1). Diseases of the respiratory tract, skin and subcutaneous tissue presented higher prevalence than the general estimate of hospitalizations for conditions sensitive to Primary Care. Conclusion: hospitalizations occurred predominantly in middle-class adults with up to 12 years of schooling. The frequency of hospitalizations due to sensitive conditions was high, and mainly due to circulatory, respiratory, digestive and genitourinary diseases.


Health Services; Hospitals, University; Comprehensive Health Care; Indicators of Health Services.

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