Compliance of nursing care practices with technical recommendations for normal birth

Natasha Faria Barros Guida, Adriana Lenho de Figueiredo Pereira, Gabrielle Parrilha Vieira Lima, Marcele Zveiter, Carla Luzia França Araújo, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos Moura


Objective: to describe the compliance of obstetric nursing care practices with the technical recommendations for normal birth. Methods: cross-sectional study of records of normal birth care delivered by nurse-midwifes from two public maternity hospitals. The compliance assessment was based on the World Health Organization recommendations. The two-tailed Z-test was applied. Results: Appropriate compliance was found for all practices assessed at maternity hospital A. At maternity hospital B, the timely clamping of the umbilical cord obtained partial compliance (70.9%). Prescriptions were found for a null diet, 85.7% and 59.8%; oxytocin during labor, 38.7% and 48.4%; and peri-parturient tocodynamometry, 30.5% and 47.2%, at maternity hospitals A and B, respectively. Conclusion: the presence of the companion; use of the partogram; non-pharmacological care; intermittent auscultation of fetal heart beat; non-supinal maternal position during child birth; and postpartum application of intramuscular oxytocin obtain appropriate compliance, although inappropriate conducts were observed, such as prescriptions for a null diet, oxytocin and intrapartum tocodynamometry.


Obstetric Nursing; Nursing Care; Humanizing Delivery.

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