Acupuncture and pregnancy: oriental medicine as an ally in the treatment of low back pain

Eveliny Silva Martins, Régia Christina Moura Barbosa Castro, Lígia Maria Alves Rocha, Ana Karina Bezerra Pinheiro


Objective: to identify scientific evidence in the literature on the effect of acupuncture for the relief of low back pain during pregnancy. Methods: this is an integrative literature review. The bibliographic survey included articles indexed in the portal of six databases, using controlled keywords. Results: seven articles published in English were included. The studies using acupuncture for low back pain have been successful in reducing pain, as well as increased mobility, improved sleep, a sense of well-being, increased capacity for some physical activities and improved emotional reactions of pregnant women. Conclusion: acupuncture contributed to the reduction of low back pain in the pregnant women, among other benefits, contributing to the promotion of health in a pleasurable, simple, practical, risk-free, cheap and cost-effective way.


Acupuncture; Pregnant Women; Nursing; Low Back Pain; Health Promotion.

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