Patient safety culture from the perspective of the nursing team

Ana Paula Mousinho Tavares, Elaine Cristina Carvalho Moura, Fernanda Valéria Silva Dantas Avelino, Vanessa Caminha Aguiar Lopes, Lidya Tolstenko Nogueira


Objective: to evaluate the patient safety culture from the perspective of the nursing team. Methods: cross-sectional design, survey-type inquiry performed with 221 nursing professionals from a University Hospital. The instrument used was the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, the Spearman’s correlation coefficient and the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient were used in the analyses. Results: the patient safety culture has been moderately developed; teamwork within units corresponded to a strong area (75.5%) and the nonpunitive response to errors corresponded to an area for improvement (47.0%). It was observed that the greater the impression of nonexistence of problems and adequacy of the implanted systems, the better the rating assigned to the hospital. Conclusion: patient safety culture is in the process of development; the dimension with more positive answers was teamwork within units and, the one with less positive answers was nonpunitive response to errors.


Patient Safety; Culture; Nursing; Health Services Research. 


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