Influences of climacteric in female sexual activity


  • Anthonio Alisancharles Batista de Almeida
  • Cecília Danielle Bezerra Oliveira
  • Fabiana Ferraz Queiroga Freitas
  • Karolliny Abrantes de Sousa
  • Maria Tibéria da Silva Carolino
  • Rosimery Cruz de Oliveira Dantas



Sexual Behavior, Quality of Life, Climacteric.


Objective: to identify complaints of sexual function related to climacteric symptoms among women in climacteric age. Methods: descriptive study. A sample of 330 women aged from 35 to 65 years old, with three previous Pap tests. We used a questionnaire developed by the researchers. A descriptive statistical analysis was performed having the central tendency of proportion and measure the average as a parameter. Results: it was evidenced that 50% were between 35-45 years, 73% were sexually active, 59.4% had decreased libido, and 58.5% reported dyspareunia. Conclusion: it is necessary that the health services and professionals are aware of the influence of climacteric on women’s health to develop strategies aimed at quality of life.




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Almeida, A. A. B. de, Oliveira, C. D. B., Freitas, F. F. Q., Sousa, K. A. de, Carolino, M. T. da S., & Dantas, R. C. de O. (2016). Influences of climacteric in female sexual activity. Rev Rene, 17(3), 422–426.



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