Traditional use of medicinal plants by elderly


  • Alexandre Rocha Alves Pereira
  • Ana Paula Machado Velho
  • Diógenes Aparício Garcia Cortez
  • Laura Ligiana Dias Szerwieski
  • Lucia Elaine Ranieri Cortez



Plants, Medicinal, Aged, Health of the Elderly, Nursing.


Objective: identify the traditional use of medicinal plants by the elderly. Methods: exploratory and descriptive study conducted in the Intermunicipal Consortium on Health. Three hundred and fifty-one questionnaires were applied to the elderly to survey socio-demographic information and issues related to plants. Results: the use of plants was reported by 78.4% of the elderly, and these were collected in backyards. The most often cited plants were mint, boldo, fennel, lemongrass and chamomile. Regarding the reason for use, 33.3% participants said that “it’s not harmful to health”, 61.8% usually indicate the use to other people. Most elderly make use of plants in a safe manner, and these are present in the daily lives of these people as a therapeutic method. Conclusion: the elderly make use of medicinal plants as an important therapeutic resource.




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Pereira, A. R. A., Velho, A. P. M., Cortez, D. A. G., Szerwieski, L. L. D., & Cortez, L. E. R. (2016). Traditional use of medicinal plants by elderly. Rev Rene, 17(3), 427–434.



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