Prevention of breast cancer in women with diabetes mellitus


  • Dinah Sá Rezende Neta
  • Tailane Maria Araújo Fontenele
  • Grazielle Roberta Freitas da Silva
  • Kamila Cristiane de Oliveira Silva
  • Judite Oliveira Lima Albuquerque


Breast Neoplasms, Diabetes Mellitus, Breast Cancer Prevention.


The objective of this research was to examine the preventive actions of women with diabetes mellitus in the fight against breast cancer. It is a descriptive and exploratory study, with a quantitative approach, carried out in a Health Centre located in Teresina-PI, with 45 diabetic women. The results revealed an average age of 61 years. Characterized in different groups, such as mulatto (51.1%), retired (35.6%) or housewives (35.6%), with up to three years of study (64.4%) married / stable union (33 3%). It was highlighted the mammography screening method as the less used by women, with only 40%. The study showed a significant association between the variable clinical examination and mammography concerning the level of education. We so concluded that the female population studied does not perform the tests with regular preventive according to the Ministry of Health, but prioritizes clinical examination and breast self-examination, rather than mammography.



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Rezende Neta, D. S., Fontenele, T. M. A., Silva, G. R. F. da, Silva, K. C. de O., & Albuquerque, J. O. L. (2011). Prevention of breast cancer in women with diabetes mellitus. Rev Rene, 12. Retrieved from



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