Perception of users on public health in Brazil: an integrative review


  • Silvana Silveira Kempfer
  • Maria Lígia dos Reis Bellaguarda
  • Maria Patrícia Locks de Mesquita
  • Angela Maria Alvarez


Patient Satisfaction, Nursing, Health Services Evaluation.


The aim of this integrative review was to analyze how users perceive the services of public health in Brazil. We researched for published material on the platform of the Virtual Health Library from June 2000 to July 2010, using the terms: users ‘perception and nursing, and users’ perception and health. Among the 216 articles selected 22 met the expected inclusion criteria like the following: SciELO (6 articles) and LILACS (16 articles). Data were collected from May to June 2010. They fell into three categories: access to health services, welcoming in the health service and organization of the health services. Access and acceptance stand out as differential characteristics in the services, but organization and resolution do not meet users’ expectations, there are important gaps to be observed with regard to services of high complexity and the system of reference and counter reference.



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Kempfer, S. S., Bellaguarda, M. L. dos R., Mesquita, M. P. L. de, & Alvarez, A. M. (2011). Perception of users on public health in Brazil: an integrative review. Rev Rene, 12. Retrieved from



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