Characterization of non-pharmacological treatment of elderly arterial hypertension bearers


  • Célida Juliana de Oliveira
  • Thereza Maria Magalhães Moreira


Nursig, Elderly, Health Profile, Hypertension, Phytotherapeutic Drugs.


The aim of this research was to describe the non-pharmacological antihypertensive treatment followed by a group of elderly hypertension bearers in attempt of subsidizing the nursing care. This descriptive, transversal and quantitative study was accomplished with 54 elderly, of both sexes who are hypertensive. The collection of data was provided by primary source between August and September 2007. We observed that 26% and 20% elderly reported not to control the consumption of salt and animal or vegetable fat in their daily diet, respectively; few elderly assumed to smoke and to use alcohol; 21 elderly referred to constant situations of stress and inability of working with them; 26 elderly reported the use of medicinal plants; 64, 8% reported to practice physical activities regularly. We so concluded that the elderly of this group still suffer with problems related to hypertension, which causes increase in the risk of development of complications caused by the disease, and care to that population must be deepened by the Nursing team.





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