Physiological alterations from the pespective of women in pregnancy


  • Edina Silva Costa
  • Gigliola Marcos Bernardo Pinon
  • Tarciana Sampaio Costa
  • Raionara Cristina de Araújo Santos
  • Arieli Rodrigues Nóbrega
  • Leilane Barbosa de Sousa


Obstetrical nursing, Prenatal Care, Pregnancy.


This study aims to apprehend the pregnant women’s perception of the physiological changes during pregnancy from the ad­vice provided by nurses during prenatal. It’s a qualitative study with a descriptive-exploratory approach. Data were collected through semi-structured interview applied to a sample of 10 mothers registered in a family health unit of Cajazeiras in the state of Paraíba. The data were collected in August 2007 through a semi structured interview and analyzed according to the Collective Subject Speech (CSS). It was found out that the CSS was ruled in the body modifications addressed to increase of weight, breasts and abdomen; in sharing information; and in the quality of the orientations on pregnancy changes. So, it is suggested the creation of groups of pregnant women and / or community therapies for pregnant, believing that this is the ideal environment to build and exchange knowledge.




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Costa, E. S., Pinon, G. M. B., Costa, T. S., Santos, R. C. de A., Nóbrega, A. R., & Sousa, L. B. de. (2010). Physiological alterations from the pespective of women in pregnancy. Rev Rene, 11(2). Retrieved from



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